Please find the definition of our Pricing Rules as stated in the Contract Agreement.

1. Maximum Sale Price:

This is Style Theory’s recommended selling price based on the current secondhand market value. This is the amount your item will be listed for during the first 60 days, not inclusive of payment processing fees (for Listing Price) and Service Fee.

2. Discounted Sale Price:

For Apparel items under Sales Consignment that remain unsold beyond a period of 60 days, Style Theory reserves the right to apply a further discount of up to 20% from the Maximum Sale Price.

Effective 21 April 2022, items Consigned under Sales Consignment will be listed on our selling platform (Second Edit) based on the item's Listing Price.

The Listing Price is the amount that your item will be listed for sale on our platform which includes an additional 3.5% Payment Processing Fee on top of the Selling Price. Example: If the item is being listed at the Maximum Sale Price of $100.00, the Listing Price displayed on our Selling Platform will be $100 x 3.5% = $103.50.