We know how important it is for you to rent your dream designer bags without worry. Our complimentary repair coverage enables you to rent worry-free so that you never have to pay for everyday wear and tear.

What we cover

We cover the repair cost for repairable damages up to HK$2,000. Minor repairs typically cost up to HK$1,750. Examples of repairable damages are:

  • Accidental pen marks (Estimated repair costs: HKD 500-1,200)

  • Light scuffing on the corners (Estimated repair costs: SGD 800-1,700)

  • Worn edging (Estimated repair costs:  SGD 800-1,500)

What we do not cover

Irreparable damages and the loss of bags arising from loss or theft are not covered under Style Theory Care. Examples of irreparable damages are:

  • Loss of straps and parts

  • Torn leather

  • Suede discolouration

How it works

In the event of damage, contact our customer service team via the in-app chat immediately.

For any damages:

  1. Our team of experts will assess and determine whether the damage can be repaired.

  2. For repairable damages, there will be no charge to you should the cost of repair not exceed your coverage amount of HK$2,000. For repairs that exceed your coverage amount, a repair cost quotation will be provided to you and you will be charged the difference between the cost of repair and your coverage amount.

    For example, if the repair fee is assessed to be at HK$1,800 you will not be charged. If the repair fee is assessed to be at HK$2,200, you will only need to pay HK$200 as the coverage is up to HK$2,000 and the differential is chargeable.

  3. For irreparable damages, loss or theft, you will be responsible up to the full value of the bag.

    In the event:
    1. The cost of repair is equivalent or less than HK$2,000, you will not need to pay

    • Cost of repair: HK$1,800

    • Style Theory covers: HK$1,800

    • You pay: S$0

    2. The cost of repair is HK$2,200, you will only pay the differential:
    • Cost of repair: HK$2,200

    • Style Theory covers: HK$2,000

    • You pay: HK$200

    Find out more about Style Theory Care
    Link: https://www.styletheory.co/sg/bags/faq/care