We're sad to see you leave; would you rather pause your subscription and not lose the loyalty Points you've earned? Let us know! We're happy to help.

However, if you're still looking to unsubscribe or cancel, you may do so via the app.

We'll walk you through how to
- Send a request ONE week before your next billing date
- Return all items with you for successful cancellation

While we are sad to see you leave, here's how to unsubscribe from your prepaid subscription:

Step 1: Check your next billing date to Plan your return
Log into Styletheory app > Profile > Subscription Details

Step 2: Request to cancel via the app ONE week in advance by opening Profile > Subscription Details > Manage > Request to cancel your subscription. The respective team will be in touch shortly.

Step 3: Return all your pieces and Box back to us before your next billing date

Since the subscription is prepaid, you can still use your subscription and return or drop off your Box at least two (2) working days (excluding Sun & PH) before your billing renews.

Things to take note:
- All termination requests are subjected to processing time between 10am - 5pm on Mondays to Fridays excluding Public Holidays, Eve of Public Holidays, and weekends.
- Terminations requests after 4 PM will be attended on the next working day and our customer service agent will contact you during our operational time.
- Kindly note that to be eligible for terminations on your desired billing date, you should not be holding onto any Boxes, on pause or have any outstanding payments.
- A confirmation message will be sent out to you upon successful termination ONE day before your next billing renews.
- Standard terms and conditions apply