We've made new Membership changes on 2 Nov and no longer offer the previous Plans and have transitioned our Lite and Premium Unlimited Plan Members to the  Essential Lite/Premium Plan, which allows you to rent 3 Boxes/month, 3 pieces/Box a month.

These Membership changes are based on feedback we received over the past year and have helped us in moving towards a new pricing structure and right-sized Plans. The new Plans and features were designed to offer more flexibility and convenience to improve our Members' new lifestyle due to the pandemic. Our co-founder has shared more on our blog if you want to read it <here>.

We offer a worry-free Box Rollover feature to roll over up to 10 unused Boxes to the next month.

To help you ease into the new Plan, we will be adding 3 bonus Boxes to your account. If unused, these Boxes will easily roll over into the next month and only expire 6 months later. We do hope you enjoy the new features and service!