We're glad you asked, No, we don't have new Plans, however, we have updated all Bag Membership Plans with new service features: Instant Swaps & Box Rollover. 

- With Instant Swaps, you never have to wait between Box deliveries or miss out on renting your next bag. No service - interruptions when you can select the next bag to Swap your current bag with.

- With Box Rollover, up to 5 unused Boxes can be Rolled over for the next 6 months. 

We currently offer 2 designer rental Membership Plans with the new features:

Core Plan (S$99/mth)

Rent 1 bag a month

Billed monthly, pause or cancel anytime

Pro Plan (S$129/mth)

Rent 2 bags a month, one at a time

Billed monthly, pause or cancel anytime

All Plans include

- Free delivery

- Free Cleaning and Maintenance

- Free access to Pro collection

- Members access to Premium collection (top-up fees apply)

- Instant Swaps; no waiting time between Boxes

- Free Box Roll Over; no extra fees to Rollover up to 5 unused Boxes each month

- Loyalty Points for our Rewards program

- Exclusive access to our community events and annual sales

- Option to purchase bags that you've rented and love at a Member's only price


If you need additional bags in a particular month, you can choose to:

- Use available Boxes Rolled over from the previous months

- Purchase an extra Box for that month