Our Rewards Programme was designed for our Members and aimed to make renting and supporting sustainable fashion that much easier—without even trying. 

Redeem Points for cash savings:

- Enjoy a discount on your Membership fees: Yay, big savings off your next bill.

- Enjoy a discount off your bag premium upcharge: Want to try that Dior or Chanel bag? Now you can do it without the extra fees when you use your Points.

Redeem Points for a Membership boost:

- Enjoy an extra apparel piece in your next Box: More pieces to love!

- Enjoy an extra Box quota for the month

Redeem Points with our Sustainability Partners

Contribute Points equivalent to cash credit to sustainability causes:

- Seven Clean Seas: Clean our seas of plastic through SCS’s plastic collection and recycling initiatives in Indonesia

- One Tree Planted: Contribute to reforestation efforts in Indonesia

All Points are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Even on pause, your Points earned do not expire prematurely (before its one-year validity). However, you do not earn new Points when you are on pause. If you choose to unsubscribe, the Points you accumulated will be immediately removed after the date you unsubscribe.

Our Points are part of our Membership Rewards program and do not carry cash value for exchange. We do offer a redemption Reward where you can use your Points for a waiver of your subscription fees! Terms and conditions apply.

See them all on your app Profile > Rewards Programme or read more here.