Don't worry, we're here to help. We suggest you avoid attempting to remove the stain on your own. Our dry cleaners, Jeeves, also ask that our customers not try to treat the stains with household methods as it may affect their treatment results.

1. Do notify and send us a picture once you spot a stain or damage in the garment via the in-app chat!
2. Return the Box of clothes once you have stained an item so that they can be treated in a timely fashion.

In the instance that the stain is removable by our dry cleaners and the damage is repairable, then there is nothing to worry about! We will proceed to repair and treat the garment accordingly. Our main concern is always to keep the wardrobe healthy for all our subscribers, by ensuring that clothes returned to us remain in pristine condition for rent. In certain instances where the damage to the item is significant, we may have to charge the renter the cost of repair. However, if the item is badly stained or damaged and not suitable for rental circulation, we will have to charge a full retail price for the garment to the renter.

Don't worry, our Customer Experience team will also contact you should we find out if there is irreparable damage, we would contact you regarding the charges with your irreparable damage via chat or via email, kindly reply to us with a maximum of 5 working days after we send the notification to you if there is any dispute.

Kindly note that we will charge the irreparable damage that has been found if there is no feedback from your side after 5 working days from we send the information to you!