What are the delivery and return methods? 

We provide door-to-door deliveries and returns free of charge. All you have to do is just select the delivery date and time of your choice via the app.  


When will I be notified of delivery confirmation? 

A completion sms/email notification will be sent to you immediately upon successful/failed delivery.

Please reach out to our customer service within 2 hours if there are any queries or issues with it. 


How do I schedule a return? 

It's really easy! When you're ready, schedule a return on our app and we'll pick up your box.

Please note that as the subscription is at 1 bag/month, should you wish to another bag, it would have to be passed your billing date!


How long does it take till I can rent my next bag? 

After the bag is picked up from you, it will take two working days for our team to evaluate whether the bag is in good conditions before we let you select the next bag.