What conditions do the bags come in? 

All our bags are expertly cleaned and maintained in a professional facility. You should expect them in pristine or good conditions. Minor wear and tear can be expected and will be kept to a minimum. 


How do I take care of the bag when renting?

As with all bags, avoid contact with water, oils, and dirty surfaces. Store the bags in the dustbag provided and avoid direct sunlight.

If you do run into an accident, please do not attempt to remove a stain from the bag or reverse any damage done to it. Instead, please contact us within the app immediately so our team can help to look into the issue. 


How if I damaged the bag?

Do not worry! Bags are actually not that easy to damage with reasonable care and treating them like your own. 

For repairable damages (light scratches, pen marks, worn corners, etc), we will charge you only for the cost of the repair so you don’t have to worry about having to pay thousands of dollars. Repairs typically cost up to HKD 1800. If you choose to opt-in for Style Theory Care at an additional HKD 99/month, your repair fees will be capped at a maximum of HKD 450 and we'll take care of the rest! 

Do note that irreparable damages and loss of bag arising from theft or misplacement are not covered. Find out more about Style Theory Care here.

Our Customer Experience team will also contact you should we find out if there is irreparable damage, we would contact you regarding the charges with your irreparable damage via chat or via email, kindly reply to us with a maximum of 5 working days after we send the notification to you if there is any dispute.

Kindly note that we will charge the irreparable damage that has been found if there is no feedback from your side after 5 working days from we send the information to you!

In the unlikely event that a bag cannot be repaired, we will have to charge for the full valuation of the bag. Please check in with our Customer Experience team via the in-app chat for more information. 


How if I lost the bag?

In the event of loss, you must let us know ASAP via our app. We will require a copy of a police report and will have to charge you based on the bag’s valuation price.