Premium Bags Deposits

Yes. Deposits are involved only for Chanel bags. If you choose to rent a Chanel bag, we will require a HK$6000 Deposit Fee on top of the Premium Upcharge. This deposit will be charged on your credit card alongside the Premium Upcharge when you order any bags under those two brands. After your bag has been returned and processed, the deposit will be returned to the original mode of payment within 5 - 10 business days.

There will be no deposit required for all other bags.


Safeguard Our Bags

Deposit may be required in order to safeguard the bags. Our internal Know Your Customer (KYC) team may ask for a deposit ranging from HK$6000. This deposit is on case by case basis, depending on the internal checks during verification process.

Rest assured, this amount will be refunded back to you after 3 biling cycles.

Reach us out if you need more informations!