• You will not be charged for your paused subscription during your pause period.
  • Your paused days during your current billing cycle will be converted to unused credits in your account. These will be discounted on your next billing date after your resume. Unused credits cannot be refunded.

For example, if your billing date is on the 1st of every month and you decide to pause on the 15th, you will have approximately 15 days worth of unused credit (for a 30-day month). The credits are calculated for each day.

  • If your pause period ends partway through a billing cycle, you will be charged for the rest of that billing cycle once your subscription resumes. You will be able to review any billing adjustments in your Invoice History page. The charge will be pro-rated depending on the resumed date.
  • Any vouchers and discounts for your current billing cycle will be forfeited if you pause your subscription. As such, you're encouraged not to pause until you've used all your vouchers and discounts.
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