1. How does the subscription work?

The Style Theory Bags subscription is a monthly plan that allows you to rent from a wide collection of designer bags.

By paying a fixed price of HKD 899 per month, you can rent one designer bag from our collection every month.
(Surcharge may apply for Premium Bags, read more in the Premium Bag section.)

You may rent the same bag for a maximum of 2 months. In the event that you hold onto the same bag for more than 2 months, we will charge a late fee of HKD 30 per day for every day beyond the two months up until the bag is received in our warehouse. This is inclusive of weekends and public holidays. We do this as we want to ensure equal access for all our members to the full range of our designer bag collection!

2. Am I able to purchase an extra swap, should I wish to rent a 2nd bag within my current billing?

Yes, you can purchase an Extra Swap at HKD420!

You can reach out to our customer service team via the App chat and request to purchase.

(Extra Swaps need to be utilised within the same billing period you purchase, otherwise, it would expire)

3. What kind of payment methods do you accept? And am I able to receive a refund if I want to unsubscribe?

We accept credit card payments.

Subscriptions are prepaid so in the event you decide to unsubscribe after payment, you will not be able to receive a refund for that month but you will be able to unsubscribe from the service at any point in time. The subscription payment will automatically recur every month, with your card on profile charged on your monthly billing date.

4. I received my join code. Why do I need to verify my identity?
Your HKID identification / mobile phone verification is required after you become a member and pay the membership price to prevent fraud and keep the Style Theory Bags community safe. It also adds an extra layer of security when we verify your ID before we deliver your designer bag order. In the event that you are uncomfortable with providing us with your HKID, we respect your privacy and will refund you in full!

We are committed to being the most trusted platform and will not disclose your personally identifiable information to any person or company except where you have given us permission to do so or if the law requires it.

In any case, when you choose to cancel your Membership with Style Theory Bags, your verification will be deleted from our database as well. Should you decide to rejoin in the future, the same verification processes will apply once more. 

5. Are there any deposits involved?
Yes but only for Chanel and Hermes bags. If you choose to rent a Chanel or Hermes bag, we will require a HK$6000 Deposit Fee on top of the Premium Upcharge. This deposit will be charged on your credit card alongside the Premium Upcharge when you order any bags under those two brands. After your bag has been returned and processed, the deposit will be returned to the original mode of payment within 5 - 10 business days.

There will be no deposit required for all other bags.

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