Live or work near Pasir Panjang / Orchard / WeWork? Great! You can return your box at our warehouse / pop-up store. No more waiting around for couriers!

Like a POPStation return, you are in control of your return. Drop your box off during our opening hours!

You will be able to view the different locations and their opening hours in the app when you choose Drop Off as your delivery option.

As with all returns, please have your clothes and tote bag placed back in the box, and then seal your box up with the reusable tamper-proof plastic polymailer bag.

Follow these simple steps to make a self-return order: 

1. Hit the ARRANGE A RETURN button in the My Box screen

2. Change your return option to DROP OFF AT YOUR CONVENIENCE

3. Change your Return Service to Self Drop Off and click on the 'Self Drop Off Location'

4. Tap on either of the 2 box icons on the world map. Check if the address is the one you want to drop your box off at and click on the arrow next to the address

5. Select the date and time slot for your drop-off. 

6. Hit CONFIRM PICKUP and you've successfully scheduled your drop-off order!

Kindly note that self-returns and self-collections on the same day are not facilitated. A drop-off is still a return order that needs to be arranged on the app. There is no cut-off to arrange a self-return order in the app. 

During the drop-off, simply mention that it's return! No need for any verification.

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